Today I’m packing for my several months’ Asian holiday. I’m flying to Bangkok, then I’ll spend a few days adjusting to the climate and the timezone. After that, I’ll travel up north to Chiang Mai on a train and from there… who knows! I’ll definitely hit some islands and probably do a PADI diving course.

I’ve found this useful website that advises on weather conditions in the region – – just pick a country and a month and see!

I’ve never had such a long holiday, and needless to say – a backpacking one! Deciding what’s necessary therefore is not easy. I’ve started with the most important!


As you can see, most of my stuff is packed in convenient travel packs. I hate when the items are falling off a suitcase, and even worse – a backpack! I’ve also packed some convenient vacuum plastic bags which compress when one sits/presses on them – no machine needed! Items that don’t require ironing are packed in those. I’ve taken a good few spare ones for dirty clothes too.

So, I’ve packed:

  • A one week’s supply of summer clothes with some extra stuff for various occasions – a skirt, shorts, few dresses, linen trousers, t-shirts, socks, underwear etc; 2 pairs of swimsuits
  • A pair of waterproof hiking boots (i’m going to wear those during the flight to save backpack space), flip flops, and another pair of shoes (Camper Peu). I’ve also taken a set of light warm clothes in case of colder weather, and some sportswear if I decide to take a yoga class or something
  • A laptop (for planning the trip further and blogging), iPad(for reading), camera (Fuji XT-1) with a few memory cards and lenses, an iPhone, a 3G Modem for Wi-Fi, earphones, chargers for everything and some adapters
  • Toiletries, sunscreen, DEET, some pills including ibuprofen and diarrhoea relief
  • Ear plugs, inflatable travel pillow and eye mask
  • Passport, money (USD works best in Asia), credit cards – I’m using Revolut since it offers better rates than Visa/Amex and free cash withdrawals. It’s a cash card, so it’s safer to use than a Credit/Debit card because one can only spend the amount it’s topped up with 😃
  • TSA locks and TSA strap for the luggage. I’ve read that occasionally items disappear from the hold luggage
  • Some useful things as an epilator (hairy legs? Yuk! Hairy arms? Yuk!!!)

I’ve packed everything into my new Osprey Convertible bag (75L) which has several amazing features: it converts from a suitcase to a reasonably comfy backpack; it also has a detachable daypack which I’m taking to the cabin. You can load it as a suitcase, from the side, unlike the top-loaded backpacks which are a pain.

It’s time to go!


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