Lost in Bangkok China Town

Today I had no special plan.

I’m intending to travel as ad-hoc as much as possible, but due to the upcoming Loy Krathong festival, I realised it’s wise to buy my train tickets to Chiang Mai in advance. Despite having booked them over a week in advance, I only managed to get the second class (for about $25) instead of the recommended first class (~$40) for an overnight sleeper train. I’ve used 12Go.Asia website for that since Thai Railways aren’t yet digital.

I’ll be going from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by bus tomorrow (the train was sold out!) and then, to Chiang Mai on a train a few days later.

I love walking, so I’ve decided that on the way I’ll grab a breakfast in Chinatown. The total distance was about 2 miles:

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 20.52.32

However, taking into consideration my orientation skills, the route became more like:

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 20.59.16

The good thing is, I stumbled upon Wat Ratchandta, which wasn’t on my to-do list. The entrance was free, except for the main shrine with the Buddha Relics (for 20Baht, $0.6). The shrine complex was amazing, and the main shrine was beyond expectations, with multiple floors for various meditations – walking, watching, sitting, standing… The temple was virtually empty which was quite appealing as well.

The problem was, by the time I got to China Town, I was:
1) Boiling. It was 32C, with real feel over 40C, and the sun burning from all directions
2) Starving. The food stalls I saw looked too weird.

Eventually, I got something – I still don’t know if it was: meat, fish, mushroom, tofu or… suggestions are welcome! It didn’t taste nice.

12Go office was a bit crowded – and I was so happy about it! Having to sit in an air-conditioned office!!! Awesome.

I collected my tickets from an English-speaking employee and headed back home. I won’t show you my route back because Google says that the route can’t be modified any further. I tried to take a taxi, but they were all taken by the smart people. I had no choice but to boil.

Back at home, I took an astonishingly long cold shower. Then, I’ve decided I deserve a massage and checked Google Reviews for once. I can now definitely recommend Shewa SPA on Rambuttri Alley (in Khao San). For 250 Baht ($7) I had an amazing one hour Thai Massage which returned me back to life. It started with a feet wash, followed by a change of clothes into special massage pyjamas. The massage itself was on a borderline of pleasant and painful, I really enjoyed that. I even think that they wash the PJs after use.

My dinner helped my evening even further!


This is durian, AKA stinkfruit.

My favourite!


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