Recommended cycling route in Ayutthaya

I arrived to Ayutthaya by bus yesterday and settled in my hotel. The hotel (Jutharat House, located centrally and very nice) offered free bikes – so I’ve taken one, with a map given to me. How hard can it be, I thought – a few temples in the park!
Well, it wasn’t easy.

The next day I’ve approached that systematically. I’ve found an app, komoot, which allows to create and follow an itinerary. I then used WikiTravel to map the temples I wanted to see. The app also showed the images of what I was meant to see, which was quite handy.

My tour was about 11 miles in total, but considering my navigation skills, photo opportunities and some mistakes in the map (I’m sure!!!), I cycled over 15 miles – in ‘real feel’ of 40C!

The first stop was the Wat Phra Si Sanphet:

Followed by Wat Ratchaburana:


Then, Wat Phra Mahathat:

Then, Wat Chaiwatthanaram:


On the ride to the next stop, I felt a bit peckish and stumbled upon a food market. So I stopped for lunch where I got a bucket of ice! All to myself! I really needed that after 3 hour ride at 40C! I paid 220 Baht (incl. tips) for this feast.

Although all roads were very nice, I felt special joy when my app said ‘Continue for 1500 yards here… I even decided to come back for a sunset picture:

Then, a bit of Wat Phu Khao Thong:

Wat Thammikarat:

Last night, there was a huge storm, which I think has done some damage:

I also stumbled upon a reclining Buddha:


Overall, I can definitely recommend this route! Although even with that, I’ve managed to miss a few key destinations – probably while taking pictures of the other ones!


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