Train 13 from Bangkok to Ayutthaya – detailed description and pictures

I’ve booked my tickets through the website, and I thought it was a wise choice since a couple in my hotel weren’t able to take the train because of no seats available. Another girl I met at a train station said she bought hers yesterday at the station and they told that the tickets will be available even 10 mins before departure. I guess that depends on your risk appetite and flexibility!

First impressions of the Chiang Mai train

The train was delayed by about half hour – I guess that’s due to the weather. My weather app has been shouting red, the rain was pouring and the lightings striking.

When the train arrived, the supervisor kindly helped me with my suitcase and shown to my little apartment for the night. I was pleasantly surprised: my bed was very private, with a curtain hiding me from the rest of the train. It was clean, having fresh sheets, a pillow and a blanket. It was air-conditioned. The bathrooms are relatively clean and ok to use. The bed is wide enough to sleep in embryo pose, at least for me!
The car is organised in 2 rows of bunk beds. There isn’t any special luggage compartment with the suitcases left on the floor. The top bunks don’t have a window. During the day the beds are transformed into comfortable seats and tables.

A dream on a train

I fell asleep almost immediately. When I awoke in the middle of the night, I thought I was in my London apartment. And, since it’s not in a seismic zone and it’s obviously shaking like hell, it must be the end of the world! I got really scared for probably 5 seconds before the realisation where I am 🙂
then, I saw a cockroach on the wall. I killed it. And saw another one which ran away. This kept me awake for a while, and then I had some other vivid and memorable dreams.

Conclusions about the train

Overall, I would highly recommend this train! For about $25, you get a transfer and a bed for the night. Apart from a few disadvantages like the insects, some noise (especially when you’re at the end of the carriage like me. Bunks No37+), and a desire to have your luggage locked, this train is awesome!


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