Trekking in Pai – 2 days trek from Lisu Village

I’ve agreed to take a two-day trek starting from Lisu village near Pai, Thailand. I’ve booked the tour via a local travel agency for 1800Baht, and it included water, meals and an overnight stay in Karen Village.

I’m not a great sleeper, so the sleep was scaring me for a bit. I’d prefer to do a 1-day trek, but there was no group for that.

The trek

The trek itself has been absolutely amazing. We had a group of 9, a guide and a dog that decided to look after us from Lisu.

It’s the end of the rainy season, so the villagers are busy harvesting rice and preparing the land for the new crops – garlic. After garlic, they will be growing beans, and then – rice again. This makes 3 crops per year.

The homestay

Around 4PM, we’ve completed our first day of trekking and arrived at Karen village. The village consists of barely a few basic huts, with no electricity apart from some solar panels and basic amenities.

Our guide started preparing dinner and we’ve joined him for that. It was quite fun to prepare several dishes, like Massaman curry, yellow curry, fried aubergine, and some stir-fried vegetables together on a fire inside a hut. To make the process more fun, we’ve shared some home-made rice wine and some roasted rats. Not joking. No, I didn’t like the rats. The wine was good though!

After dinner, we drank some beer kindly provided by the hosts and played some cards. In the end, we all went to sleep in a hut, covered in mosquito nets. The lucky ones got a mattress, while others enjoyed the bamboo floor.

The nights get quite cold, so I was lucky I had my light down jacket with me. I slept in it, covered in 2 blankets, in a mosquito-resistant compartment for 3 people.

One of the intricate problems when doing such hikes is.. well, bathroom. Considering ‘number two’, or even ‘number one’ (for a girl) is quite an issue in a mosquito infected areas.

The toilet in our homestay was beyond basic. It served as a toilet and shower for the 10 of us, the family of the host (another 10 people?), had no electricity or hot water. It wasn’t even a shower in our understanding – just a bucket of water with a small bowl to pour water on oneself. The toilet was ‘Asian-style’, but the platforms for the feet were about 30 cm above the ground and quite narrow, so balancing on them was counter-effective to the process they were designed for.

Well, the sleep and the facilities are not for me. I didn’t enjoy that part and probably won’t do such a trek again, despite having had a great experience.

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