Things to do in Chiang Mai – Jungle Zip Line and Loy Krathong

Yesterday was quite a busy day.

After a good night sleep, I’ve decided to do a Jungle Zip line. It was quite pricey, 2300Baht, but it was worth it! After an hour’s drive, we arrived at the jungle where we’ve been fitted with safety gear. Then we climbed a platform on a tree and zipped through 60m. Then, 400. Then, 1km. This continued for a while until we hit the main challenge – the rollercoaster. It was breathtaking! Totally worth it if you’re an adrenaline junkie! One person from our group pulled out after about a third.

If you’re doing this, wear some sports or hiking shoes. People in flip flops and sandals suffered a bit since there’s a bit of jungle walking involved, and, sometimes the landing involves a sudden stop.

I didn’t do any pictures of that because my phone was hidden under the gear.

 Loy Krathong

One of the main reasons to come back to Chiang Mai was the Loy Krathong, the light festival. It usually happens at the first full moon in November – this time, 3rd of November. People float baskets of flowers and incense on the river, and in Chiang Mai, they also launch lanterns – constructions made of thin paper with a candle underneath. When lit, the candle warms the air inside the paper balloon, and the lantern rises.

The main action happened at Nawarat Bridge. It was meant to be closed for traffic, but for some reason, this wasn’t fully implemented. The bridge was a complete mess, with signalling cars and motorbikes, whistling traffic controllers, and a huge crowd trying to get their lanterns airborne. Many lanterns were catching fire, falling on the streets and causing a bit of panic. Some would catch fire mid-air, either by themselves or by hitting a tree/electricity cable/pole – and falling down, burning.

I didn’t enjoy this part and went back to a temple on Tha Phae Road. There, the monks were helping people to fly the lanterns, and it was much more relaxing, less crowded and friendly.


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