Shopping toiletries in Chaing Mai

After almost 3 weeks in Thailand, I ran out of some basics, such as toothpaste, sunscreen and hair conditioner. I walked around numerous drugstores and pharmacies and realised the prices weren’t that good – $10-$15 for a simple sunscreen. Moreover, all the ones I’ve seen were SPF50, those cloggy white masses you can’t quite spread on yourself.

But then, when walking in the historic town from the main gate (Tha Phae Gate) on Arak 5 road, next to the Phra Singh Temple, I saw a store with lots of detergents and fabric softeners displayed outside. The store was crowded and offered a huge selection of European, Korean, Japanese and local cosmetics. The prices were great, too – for instance, the Thai crystal deodorant that I saw for 50-60 baht costs only 23 baht in the store!

As a result, I’ve spent 575 Baht ($17) and bought 2 sunscreen oils, a toothbrush and a toothpaste, a small Pantene hair conditioner and a small container of hair styling rubber.


I would definitely recommend this store if you need to shop for yourself or buy some souvenirs for your family! The prices on Japanese cosmetics were very good as well.


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