Koh Phangan – expectations and reality

So, I ended up in Koh Phangan. I’ve booked a bungalow “60m from the sea” and arrived there after the dawn.

Next day, I hurried out from my bed at 8am to enjoy the beach.

I was expecting this (last years’ photo from Ao Nang or Railey Beach):

IMG_1139 (2).jpg

To my surprise, the ‘sea’ was this in front of my hotel:


I was a bit disappointed… and since I don’t drive a motorbike, or have any friends that do, I was left with an option of hiring a bicycle. I headed to the beach – 5KM road, up and down. I got an old bicycle without gears and had to push it onto some hills because riding was impossible. I got to the beach, finally!

Since I had the bicycle, I’ve decided to explore the area a bit more. At one point, I saw a local guy standing near a palm tree, holding a rope. Occasionally, a coconut would fall with a quiet ‘thump’. I wondered for a bit, what kind of trick was it – until I saw a small monkey climbing down the tree! The rope was its leash.

The next day, I moved to the hotel on a beach to avoid the necessity to hire a bicycle and struggle that much.

So far, the weather wasn’t great, with rain at nights and sometimes, days. Yesterday evening there has been a huge thunderstorm!

I guess tomorrow I’ll head to Koh Tao. Or maybe stay here for a Half-Moon party 🙂


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