Leaving Koh Pangan and getting to Koh Tao

I’ve stayed in Koh Pangan for 6 days altogether. The first two were quite far from the beach but the later 4 were on the beach.

I wanted to go to the half moon party – which was the main reason for extending my stay. However, on the night of the party, there was heavy rain. Also, I’ve checked the entrance price – that’s about $50, and I would need to pay for overpriced drinks and a taxi to/from the party. So, $100 for someone who even doesn’t like trance music or parties… I stayed at home and watched Netflix.

Overall, Koh Phangan is an island of tattooed people. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone without a tattoo (except myself). I even met some new friends, who were the owners of a tattoo salon – Bogatyr Tattoo. Almost all of them had tattoos done in that studio and they look amazing. Most travellers on the island are hardly over 30, and all seem to be party animals.

On the day of departure, I got a taxi from the hotel that dropped me of at a kiosk where I could buy a ticket. I’ve taken a Songserm service because it was meant to arrive earlier and was a bit cheaper (350baht instead of 500 for Lomprayah). The boat was different from a catamaran and I found a spot on the front deck. In a few minutes, drops of rain scared off most passengers and I had a sleeper bench all for myself!


Google maps suggested that it’s a 20-minute walk to Sairee Beach. I refused numerous attempts by taxi companies to give me a lift and pushed on straight. I mean, up. The area was with some hills and soon I regretted being so stubborn. Suddenly, a tourist stopped by on his motorbike and asked where I was heading to. He gave me a lift, which was very handy!

While walking towards the hotel, I’ve noticed the people were different. Everyone was greeting each other as if you’re coming to see some friends. After check-in, I sat down for a beer in a hotel bar and soon started chatting to an American couple. Instead of 1 beer, I had 3. Then I went for dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Before getting back to my room, 2 British ladies asked me if I had a bottle opener. I ended up chatting with them for about half an hour.

So far, I really like it here. Today I will explore the island further and see where I could get a PADI course done.




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