Losing track of time on holidays

I’ve been away for about a month now. And, I’ve lost a sense of time.

Today, after a great day in Koh Tao (I’ll tell about it tomorrow), I’ve noticed a poster on my bungalow door advising to keep the doors and windows closed on 16th of November at 3PM because they will be fogging anti-mosquito spray (they should!!! I get ~5 bites every evening and morning despite a strong DEET).

And I started wondering, when is that 16th of November? Today? Next week? What day it is?

For the past few weeks, my stays are like… Ok, 2 days.. I like the place… another 2.. another 1…

I had Apple Watch with me. It told me the date and other essential information, on my wrist. To say the truth, it’s the second time I’m in Thailand and the second Apple Watch that dies here.

The first one died because I went swimming with it. Which is fair. Although back in London I took it out for a swim relatively frequently. Anyway, my fault.

So I got a new one. 3 weeks on, I’ve detached it from the charging station in the morning.. and only part of it detached! The sensor panel has decided it really likes the other pole of the magnet. Can’t blame it! Opposite attract!

I was a bit upset, but after a quick google, I found that it’s a known problem, and is under warranty for 3 years after manufacturing. I’ve contacted Apple support to let them know I have an issue now – but will be able to deliver my watch… well… later on… and it was ok.

I’ve helped the watch with some rubbish band-aids. And when I was telling the story to my Russian friends in Koh Phangan, after the word ‘Rubbish’ I realised I met my twin soul!



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