Koh Tao – the flip side of paradise

Well, I was thinking to write about mysterious deaths, mafia and drugs in Koh Tao. But, since I know nothing about it and in my three weeks of staying here I had little to no interaction with that, I’d suggest you’d better google that. If that’s what you’re interested in.

Here, I’m going to list a few things I’d stay away in Koh Tao. Luckily, my experience has been awesome, so the list is indeed very short.

  1. Prik Thai (also spelt Prick Thai, Prik Tai etc) guesthouse. I’ve stayed there for 2 nights as part of my ‘upgraded’ accommodation with the diving school since I didn’t want to sleep in a dorm. The main problem with it was bed bugs. I got bitten in my arms, having distinctive bite lines… Other problems were: other insects; very slippery floor in the shower; no toiletries; super-unfriendly staff.
  2. Laundry shops. I mean, you do need to use them as a traveller, but I suggest being careful. This is the first negative experience I have with laundry in SE Asia. Firstly, I deposited less than a kilo (I know since it’s not the first time I’m doing this!) of clothes to the shop. They gave me a laminated card with a number and said to come back tomorrow. The first bell was that they didn’t weigh my stuff during my presence. Well, the next day the shop was closed with the blinds down! I was lucky I wasn’t leaving then – but I was also prepared to never retrieve my stuff. The day after, I was able to collect my laundry but was charged 60 instead of 40 baht (still minor). Finally, when I checked, I’ve found that my shorts had stains that weren’t there before; my favourite top looked like it’s been attacked by the dog; my trousers had a missing button!
  3. I’m allergic to sea plankton!!! Or sea lice or whatever that is. Most divers/snorkellers/swimmers don’t get bitten (or don’t notice!), for some the bites go away in a few minutes. I’m getting lots of mosquito-like itchy bumps, all over my body. From my left elbow to wrist I’ve counted 50… and it’s itchy! Next time, i’ll wear a full wetsuit.

Otherwise, there’s nothing I wouldn’t recommend. All the food was good or great, all the beaches were Ok or better, all the tours were awesome. I’ll write another post about it.


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