Diving in Koh Lipe – Advanced Diving Course

Yesterday I wrote about my experience choosing a diving school in Koh Lipe. I choose “Koh Lipe Divers”  – no pun intended. They were friendly, had new gear and had 6 dives for the price of 5. And big boats!

Well… to my taste the “big boat” was a bit too crowded. At times, it was hard to get to the lower deck, and every other tank was taken. A bit of a queue to jump down, too.

On the other hand, I was 1:1 with my instructor.

My first dive was focused on buoyancy, something I really struggled with. After ±20 mins of practice as being neutrally buoyant (floating), swimming upside down, swimming sideways etc, we had a bit of fun. At first, the instructor showed me a “Nemo fish” (Clown fish). In Koh Tao, I remember one spot with 3-4 Nemos, and divers with the cameras around it. Here, the “Nemos” are everywhere, from 1cm to 20cm! At first, I was pointing my instructor at them like “Hey, look!!!” – and after the accent, he told me I don’t have to do it… They’re everywhere!


(taken from google)

On the other 2 dives, I’ve seen an even bigger variety of fish, corals and all that! So much more diverse than Koh Tao!


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