Cleaning up the Beach

Today was a somewhat different day. After an exhausting 2-day dive course, I’ve decided to take it easy. I got out to the beach at around noon, and while trying to find a spot I realised how dirty it was!

It’s uncomprehensive for me, how people can leave their rubbish on this heavenly island! Plastic bottles, disposable plates and cups, plastic bags, straws, dirty diapers!!!… how hard is it just to take back what you brought?

I’ve approached the nearest resort and asked for a rubbish bag. They offered to keep my belongings so I don’t walk around with my beach bag.

I started putting it all into the trash bag, and in literally one minute another guy joined! And another! And a girl! And more people! Those staying on the beach would look around themselves and bring whatever they found: pieces of rope, plastic.. in less than 10 minutes the ~80L bag was hard to lift for one, and few of us carried it back to the resort.

Koh Lipe is such a small island and keeping it clean can’t be too hard! I was so glad that people would join my little effort with no questions asked!

It’s so simple to make a small difference!



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