Travelling from Koh Lipe to Langkawi

From Koh Lipe, I’ve decided to go to Gili Islands, Indonesia. I’ve booked a flight from Langkawi to Lombok, with a stop in KL. To break up a trip a bit, I’ve stopped in Langkawi for a couple of days.

Getting from Koh Lipe to Langkawi

I’ve bought a ferry ticket through a small agency in Koh Lipe, for 700Baht. Other agencies had it for 750-800baht, so I got lucky there.

I had to check in an hour before the ferry. The immigration officer checked my passport, stamped it and said I would only get it back in the ferry.

The trip was nice and quick, about 1.5 hour in an air-conditioned and tidy boat. We arrived at a very modern terminal where after swift document check I was ready to go to my hotel. Another girl from the boat, Alex, was heading the same direction so we shared a taxi for 30Ringgit (about 7$).

I wasn’t impressed with my hotel. For the price of a posh bungalow, I got a tiny room with no window, which is not something I’d expect from Sunset Villa Inn.

Things to do in Langkawi

I stayed in Cenang beach, which is the main beach on the island. The beach was not the kind I like, with loud jet skis, banana rides and all that. The sea was murky and unpleasant. I developed some rash on my arms that itches for a week now! The chairs cost 10Ringgit, about $2.5.

IMG_3481 (1)

The activities offered on the island didn’t appeal to me. The Eagle watching, monkey watching etc were not something I thrived for. I regretted I stayed for so long on the island, 1 night would have been enough.

On the bright side…

Duty-free in Langkawi

Did I say I’m a wine drinker? In Thailand, I’ve suffered a bit, since most of the wines were cheap ones, costing a fortune. For instance, a Jacob’s Creek that costs 5-6 pounds in the UK cost double or even triple there. And it’s not my favourite!

In Langkawi, I’ve seen at least 3 duty-free shops, offering a large selection of decent wines and other alcohol, moderately priced. To buy, however, I needed to present my passport and all purchases were recorded against my ID!



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